I have been receiving massage therapy from Jay for the past 9 years including her period as a student practioner. She is dedicated to a programme of continuous improvement and training to extend the scope of her knowledge and the effectiveness of her therapies. Jay has a warm and positive personality and it is always a pleasure to receive a treatment from her.
Pauline Bird

I have personally known Jay for 7 years, originally in a tutor-student capacity when I taught Jay in Adult Education and first introduced her to reflexology. Since then Jay has progressed and become a fully competent and professional therapist in a range of alternative therapies. I have had the pleasure in seeing her attend many of my continuing education workshops for qualified therapists and now have a good friendship with Jay as well as a professional relationship
I know her work is of a high standard, and professionally administered as I regularly use Jay as my own therapist. Jay would most certainly be an asset to any establishment that would employ her skills as a therapist of massage,
Jake Stroudley

I have been having treatment with Jay for over 3 years
. Jay was initially recommended to me by my then osteopath for massage, to help recovery from an operation to my neck. I continued with the course of massage, and I also started a course of reflexology. Both treatments have been very beneficial to my problems.
Jay generally treats me at my home. Jay has always been extremely professional and friendly at the same time, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.
Laurence John

Jay is very professional
. She’s extremely friendly and creates a good atmosphere which relaxes her clients. Jay is very informative about what she is doing which makes her clients feel at ease, making the treatments comfortable and enjoyable.
Tracy for MNPA Leatherhead

I was wondering where to go for my regular massage
after my therapist moved away but by a stroke of good fortune found myself in your capable hands. I would just like to tell you how the beneficial effects of your massage have been such a great help to me in coping with the various problems which have beset me over the past year.
George F. Johnson