Massage in Pregnancy

During pregnancy a baby puts a lot of strain on his/her mother, draining her of energy and nutrients and putting physiological stress on her body. One of the ways to assist the body to cope naturally is through massage. Therapeutic massage is a completely safe, natural, drug free method of relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Benefits of massage in pregnancy

Relaxing - massage provides a nurturing , soothing touch, which promotes the release of
emotional and physical tension.
Improves flow of energy through the body and helps minimise fatigue.
Revitalises and helps improve circulation which therefore helps prevent varicose veins,
thread veins and piles.
It is passive exercise and helps stimulate and drain the lymphatic system - eliminating
toxins etc. and reduces fluid retention.
Helps tone the muscles and helps relieve cramp.
Maintains skin suppleness which therefore helps reduce stretch marks.
It has a psychological benefit treating the body as a whole, promoting a feeling of calm
and well-being.
Helps prepare the body for childbirth by loosening the pelvis and ridding the body of
excess tension prior to the onset of labour.
Reassurance, nurturing and relaxation for the mother during pregnancy have shown to
have a far reaching impact on her foetus. Any benefit to he mother is also a benefit to
the baby.

Problems in pregnancy
Problems that occur and can be helped by massage and/or reflexology:

Stretch marks
Varicose Veins
Lower back pain
Anxiety and Insomnia
Swollen ankles, feet and hands

As the treatment takes place in the client's own home/environment it will be extremely relaxing. The client can be massaged laying on her side on the massage couch, sitting on a chair or using the Hydrotherm system but comfort and safety is most important at all times.

Reflexology in Pregnancy

Maternity Reflexology is one of the safest, most supportive therapies for pregnant women. It is extremely relaxing and calming for the mind, body and baby and may be enhanced by the use of appropriate aromatherapy oils.

Pregnancy is not an illness, it can however cause problems which can distress the pregnant woman These can include sickness, nausea, constipation, increased frequency of passing urine, backache and sciatica. Reflexology can be used to keep a woman healthy during pregnancy and the treatment can also help with the development of a healthy baby.

Some studies have shown that reflexology can reduce the need for pain relief in labour and that the second, most painful stage of labour itself could be shortened. Reflexology has been known to help women who are overdue. It can also stimulate the body to produce the hormones needed for birth. (Also check out Hydrotherm Massage)