On-Site massage is an upper body acupressure massage which is based on traditional Japanese techniques. The session is given at the client's work place or "On-Site" through the clothes in a seated position which takes about 20 minutes. By stimulating energy points in the back, neck and shoulders, symptoms of stress, muscle tension and joint stiffness can be relieved.

Benefits of On-Site massage to the receiver:
Boosts energy levels
Relaxes and revitalises
Improves concentration
Relieves mental and muscular tension
Has a positive effect on the reduction of stress
Increases the flow of blood to the brain and upper body
Stimulates the lymphatic, nervous, immune, muscular
and circulatory systems

Benefits of On-Site Massage to an employer: Click Here



What to expect at a session:
The client will be asked questions regarding their medical history or asked to fill in a form to assertain that he/she is eligable to receive treatment. The client will be asked to position him/herself on an ergonomically designed chair. Although there is no need to remove clothing, it will be more comfortable without a jacket and tie or other restrictive garments. He/she will be asked to take off watches, jewelry and spectacles and possibly shoes. In the 20 minutes the client will receive a stimulating treatment which will include the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It can include a head and face massage if the client does not mind hair and make-up being touched. Most clients will immediately feel refreshed, relaxed and alert.